Monday, January 26, 2009

the reveal...

So I finally got around to posting again and this time I am actually going to post some photos. I know some of you have been waiting to see these so here goes. I have to appologize right now for the bad photos because I did not take all of the layouts back out of their page protectors to photograph them. That would have taken an hour because I have a lot of layering on many of them and added embellishments. I also do not use a whole sheet of paper if a large portion is hidden behind other papers so I piece the pages together making it hard to get in and out of the protectors. I think I have these layouts in order from Jan. 1 and I do not have them all finished. I do however have Jan 1-Jan 10 all completed!! I apparently did not take a photo of the first page except for the two page spread so you don't get a close up of that one. You can tell that the layout is about my daughter.

The layout on the right and the one below are done completely with the cuttlebug. You should be able to see in the one below where I embossed each of the colored pieces and also used the embossing borders in the top and bottom of the black strip to emboss that as well. The projects and cards in this layout were made for my husband's step mother-in-law for Christmas. I thought it would be fun since the cards were made with the cuttlebug to tie that in the layout as well.

In the next layout my daughter has my glasses on. She loves wearing my glasses for some reason. She must be able to see with them on because one night she sat in the cart at a store for 5 minutes with them on. She also got sunglasses for Christmas that she loves to wear. If you go into Down Memory Lane you can see a layout there that I did with Jaidyn being silly with her sunglasses on.

Below I scrapbooked photos from the 19 hours of cropping I did at Down Memory Lane a couple weeks ago. I had a blast!!

As you can see, I am not completely up to date but did 4 layouts last night. I am having so much fun with this because all I have to worry about it one page and some of them only have one photo on them. It is giving me the opportunity to use a lot of layout sketches that I like and would never use in other albums since I normally do all 2-page layouts.

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