Monday, January 26, 2009

the reveal...

So I finally got around to posting again and this time I am actually going to post some photos. I know some of you have been waiting to see these so here goes. I have to appologize right now for the bad photos because I did not take all of the layouts back out of their page protectors to photograph them. That would have taken an hour because I have a lot of layering on many of them and added embellishments. I also do not use a whole sheet of paper if a large portion is hidden behind other papers so I piece the pages together making it hard to get in and out of the protectors. I think I have these layouts in order from Jan. 1 and I do not have them all finished. I do however have Jan 1-Jan 10 all completed!! I apparently did not take a photo of the first page except for the two page spread so you don't get a close up of that one. You can tell that the layout is about my daughter.

The layout on the right and the one below are done completely with the cuttlebug. You should be able to see in the one below where I embossed each of the colored pieces and also used the embossing borders in the top and bottom of the black strip to emboss that as well. The projects and cards in this layout were made for my husband's step mother-in-law for Christmas. I thought it would be fun since the cards were made with the cuttlebug to tie that in the layout as well.

In the next layout my daughter has my glasses on. She loves wearing my glasses for some reason. She must be able to see with them on because one night she sat in the cart at a store for 5 minutes with them on. She also got sunglasses for Christmas that she loves to wear. If you go into Down Memory Lane you can see a layout there that I did with Jaidyn being silly with her sunglasses on.

Below I scrapbooked photos from the 19 hours of cropping I did at Down Memory Lane a couple weeks ago. I had a blast!!

As you can see, I am not completely up to date but did 4 layouts last night. I am having so much fun with this because all I have to worry about it one page and some of them only have one photo on them. It is giving me the opportunity to use a lot of layout sketches that I like and would never use in other albums since I normally do all 2-page layouts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So I woke up this morning with a bad pain in my left ear...I figured it would go away but it didn't. When I got into work this morning my boss told me I should go to the Doctor since it hurt so bad and I mentioned the Express Care that Luther Midelfort now has in the same strip mall as the store. So finally around 11:00 I just had to go. And yes, I do have an ear infection and probably a sinus infection as well. YIPPEE!! But at least I got medication and didn't wait until midnight tonight when the pain would probably be terrible.

I am still hoping to get some of the photos posted of the layouts that I have done lately...I am behind on my challenge but have some of it done and want to try to catch up this weekend! Since I don't work on Fridays I hope to take some pics tomorrow and then have a large post so all of you can see what I have gotten so far. I was so inspired at the crop last weekend that I even started to work on Jaidyn's scrapbook! I hope to get downstairs tonight but with this pain in my ear, head, and face it is a little hard to concentrate!

I will hopefully be back to post tomorrow!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

keep the scrappin going!

So I went to Down Memory Lane this weekend for a scrapbook weekend. I had so much fun and it really got me excited to keep working. I was at the store from 5:30 - midnight on Friday and then 10:00 am - 10:00 pm on Saturday. I lugged everything home and usually don't touch the stuff for weeks but this morning I have already put everything away and even found better organized places for many things. The room is completely cleaned up again and I have READY TO SCRAPBOOK some more!! My husband is still sick...he watched the two kids Friday night and Saturday even though he was sick...nice guy! I am kindof feeling icky today so I have already taken vitamins so hopefully that helps kick it. Off to keep working and I will possibly post some of the layouts I have been working on. I did not get completely caught up on my 365 challenge because I got inspired to start Jaidyn's baby book and that was SO much fun. Be back later...

Monday, January 12, 2009

let the creating continue...

Well I had a great weekend in my scrapbook room and decided today to take some time away from scraping and cleaning and create a card. I have collected MANY cupcake stamps over the past few months (more than I should have!!!) and decided it was time to use them. So here is a card that I made today. It measures 8 x 3.5. Close to My Heart does a lot with 8 x 3.5 cards so I thought I would try one!
Cardstock - Bazzill (yellow) and Close To My Heart (cocoa and sorbet), Patterned Paper - We R Memory Keepers (Promenade - Ferris Wheel), light green dew drops, Scralloped Circle - Cricut (Accent Essentials Cartridge), Stamps - Close To My Heart (Say It In Style) and Inkadinkadoo (Birthday Cupcake set), Ink - Close To My Heart (Cocoa), Ribbon - American Crafts, Cupcake Frosting - Flower Soft, Cupcake Base - crumpled vellum
I am a little behind on the whole challenge as today is the 12th and I only have 4 layouts done but I do have all of the photos taken and I plan to work on them tonight if possible. I have to teach a class tonight at Down Memory Lane so I won't be home till later and I also have to watch the Bachelor. Cuttlebug class tonight, super cute cards...go check them out at . I hope to be home by 7:30 so I can watch the Bachelor and do more layouts. Today I took a photo of my husband playing playstation. He has Mondays off and he likes it when I scrapbook because that leaves time for him to play his games. I am also going to a Scrapbook Til Midnight this Friday night and an All Day Crop on Saturday of this week. I am excited to hopefully get a bunch done. No one is signed up with me so I plan to take my mp3 player and all of my stuff and settle in. Can't wait!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

moving forward with my goal...

I have been very motivated since I started my 365 day photo challenge! I have 4 pages done already which is a lot for me considering I haven't done four pages since the last crop I went to. Nathan told me yesterday that the day was mine and I could scrapbook all day and he would watch the kids. Well of course, I did one layout in the morning and then figured I better clean my scrapbook room and sort through all of my fiskars embellishments and papers and such so I can find something when I want it. So that took most of my day unfortunately. Now today it is 1:17 pm and I still have not gotten anything done. I have done a little sorting through things but haven't sat down to create anything. I think I have most of my stuff cleaned up so I can start creating again. So that is what I am off to do...maybe if I feel like taking more photos I will post the other three layouts that I did. Well I am off to SCRAP!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

first layout of challenge 365!!

So as I said before, I was really excited about the whole Challenge 365 and I actually started it tonight! I was so excited when I got home from shopping that I went to my scrapbook room and began printing photos from Jan.1st. I actually started with today since Jaidyn turned 18 months today. I am only a few days behind so I hope to get those other 6 layouts done in the next couple days. Turning 18 months was somewhat exciting so I thought I would start with that and then move on to the less exciting topics like daddy and I coloring the other night. Oh it was such a sight...Nathan and I were both sitting on the couch coloring while watching the Bachelor. He came in the living room with Jaidyn's crayons and bent down to pick up her Handy Manny coloring book so I told him to get me one too. I will have to post the page of our coloring fun when I get that one done. It should be interesting!!

Here is the first layout that I did tonight. There are a few things I am not so happy with but overall, I can say I accompished something tonight...YAY!!

my personal challenge...

Ok so I know my goal is to post as much as possible and it rarely happens but today I was inspired by something. Now I don't know why I think I can do this when I can't even post three times in one week but I am going to try to at least start the 365 challenge. Check out this site - if you want to learn more. This is really sad but I don't even know how to make a link in my blog posts so hopefully that part works. Anyways, I looked on my camera and have found enough pictures since Jan. 1 so I thought that today would be a great time to start. I am so excited because sometimes I get so overwhelmed with what to scrapbook and this will give me something and I can then use some of the embellishments and papers that I have collected over time! I want to get started RIGHT NOW! I am ready to go down to my scrapbook room and shut the door. Unfortunately we have to go shopping first to get some dog food. My poor Squirt has been getting sick lately and we have come to the conclusion that it is probably her food. So off to shop for diapers and dog food and then I am hoping to be back to finish the one page layout that I started today at work and then begin my 365 photo-a-day challenge. Check out the DOWN MEMORY LANE blog soon to see the layout I am talking is going to be a kit for sale at the store! Check back soon!