Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh what a model...

So grandma bought Jaidyn a dress to wear for Christmas and she loved trying it on to see if it fit but wouldn't stand up for us to see. What a silly girl she was being.

Here I finally got her to stand up and pose for a picture. You can see her little boots that I bought her the other day too. So cute! The only problem is that this dress fit her yesterday when we tried it on but we are affraid that in 27 days...she will not fit into it any longer. What a bummer!!! Now we have to look for another dress and take this one back. Apparently there were no sizes bigger than this one at the store where grandma bought it. Isn't that how things always work...

Jaidyn loves to get her picture taken and here she is blowing grandma a kiss.

At Thanksgiving we tried to get a picture taken of all of us for our Christmas that was a chore. This is the best one and I am not satisfied. I don't know how many Christmas cards I am sending out this year but I would still like a good photo in it. Maybe I can just get a picture of the kids or something to put in it. It is always nice to share the little ones so people can see how big they are getting and hang their pictures on the fridge...oh the christmas season is upon us!
A really random blog post today...oh well! At least I have updated more frequently in the past couple days! More to come...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well Jaidyn is down for her nap, the floors are cleaner than before because of Nathan and I just finished cleaning the bathroom. I hate cleaning showers!! is a good day filled with Thanks and we will be heading over to my brother's house later this afternoon for dinner. My parents are going to go to his house later to start the turkey and then we will all be together to eat this evening. I can't wait because I have been craving turkey for the past week. Sounds SO yummy!

My little tyke Jaidyn has been sort of strange lately. SO much fun but somewhat crabby and not sleeping well....those darn teeth. She is getting two teeth right now and they are getting more pointed near the skin. I just want them to poke through! I am also waiting for more words to pop out of her mouth. All we ever get is "GRANDPA," but that is cute too. Well I am off to shower and get ready for the day. Gotta get a little lunch since I want to save room for oh so much turkey later!!

I hope everyone's day is a GREAT one!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As many of you already know, I am a Close To My Heart consultant and we can now advertise our businesses on our personal blogs. I am so excited about that because I can finally share things that are going on and share my website. There is a new catalog coming out in a month or so and I am so excited to get on in my hands. I will have to post a photo of the new idea book cover as soon as I get one. I can't wait to see the new products. I saw a sneak peak today online from someone who already got their catalogs and the stuff looks pretty nice! If you would like to check out CTMH you can go to my website at and see the products we offer and even order online. Let me know if you are interested in getting a new catalog when they come out!


So I am finally done with my teaching in Chippea Falls and back working at Down Memory Lane three days a week. It is great to be able to have Mondays and Fridays off to spend with my lovely daughter. Right now she is SO much fun to play with. She is running around like crazy and being a silly little girl. I am just waiting for her to start talking. She loves GRANDPA and yells his name ALL THE TIME!!! We spent the weekend at my parent's house this past weekend as my husband went hunting up north. Jaidyn spent the whole weekend running after grandpa and yelling his name. Other than that...she doesn't say anything. She used to say "mama" and "dada" but not very often anymore. We are trying to teach her to shake her head "YES" instead of always shaking it "NO." She is pretty funny. She loves to stand ON things and crawl on the couch. I just cannot believe how big she is getting. I remember two years ago at this time I was so excited to tell my parents we were expecting on Thanksgiving. Now we just get to enjoy her.