Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well Jaidyn is down for her nap, the floors are cleaner than before because of Nathan and I just finished cleaning the bathroom. I hate cleaning showers!! is a good day filled with Thanks and we will be heading over to my brother's house later this afternoon for dinner. My parents are going to go to his house later to start the turkey and then we will all be together to eat this evening. I can't wait because I have been craving turkey for the past week. Sounds SO yummy!

My little tyke Jaidyn has been sort of strange lately. SO much fun but somewhat crabby and not sleeping well....those darn teeth. She is getting two teeth right now and they are getting more pointed near the skin. I just want them to poke through! I am also waiting for more words to pop out of her mouth. All we ever get is "GRANDPA," but that is cute too. Well I am off to shower and get ready for the day. Gotta get a little lunch since I want to save room for oh so much turkey later!!

I hope everyone's day is a GREAT one!!


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