Thursday, June 18, 2009

A quick update...

So I have been waiting to hear back from my interview at the High School in Chippewa Falls and the principal FINALLY called me today. They have not yet made a decision but I am one of the TWO TOP FINALISTS! That is exciting but I still have to wait a week to hear their decision. He is going to be out of the office until later next week so he said they should have a decision by Thursday of next week. So I guess I won't just be sitting around wondering what is going on...just waiting for Thursday to come. I also got a call today from Eau Claire asking to set up an interview for the part-time middle school position that they have not yet hired for. It would be traveling between all three middle schools. I am hoping to get the Chippewa High School job so I don't have to worry about things but I will just have to wait and see.

Saturday I am going to go to Down Memory Lane and spend the day having fun. Of course I will probably have to make some cards for classes in July but otherwise I am going to chirp away on my Cricut and work on the baby album that I FINALLY started for Jaidyn. Maybe I will post some of my creations then. Sorry for the boring stuff lately!!

Until then....lata

Friday, June 12, 2009

I finally got a job!

So this is just a really quick update for all of you that have not heard from me lately. I have been busy with the house, finally got it for sale...only a sign in the yard though. I had been waiting to hear from Parkview Elementary school in Chippewa Falls for a week and thought for sure he had offered the parttime job to someone else since it had been so long since I had interviewed. Well he called me on Wednesday and left me a message and then he called back on Thursday to offer me the job. It was kindof a weird day because before he offered me the job Chippewa Falls high school had called me and asked for an interview for their parttime position that they have open. I am hoping that the two work out together and I could get the high school job too just so I can be more involved. The job I have been offered is only two hours a day but it still GREAT because it is a permanent position and if more time opens up for the following year most likely I can get it. I am glad that I got this small job so far!

Gotta go lay down...I have a terrible sinus headache and I am stuffed up and runny nosed. My head and face I hate allergies!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

just waiting here...

So I have been waiting to hear back from my Chippewa Falls interview but it hasn't been on my mind too much. I have just forgotten about it and will let whatever happens happen. I won't be too upset if I don't get the Chippewa job as it was a very small position but it would get my foot into the schools there again! The principal said he wanted to hire at the end of this week or early next week so I am guessing since I have not heard yet and it is Saturday, that I did not get the job....but who knows. I also talked to my neighbor who is an art teacher at Northstar in Eau Claire and they are hiring for a traveling position along with Delong Middle School. It is a much bigger position than the Chippewa position so that would be better but I would prefer elementary art! Delong and Northstar have not started interviewing yet so I am waiting to hear from them as well. life is full of waiting lately.
On a side note...hopefully a much happier note for next week...
My dad showed our house to a lady that we know on Thursday afternoon and she loves the house. We don't have the house on the market yet as she said she wanted to look at the house first. I cannot imagine that we could sell it before even putting it on the market but that would be AWESOME!! So we are waiting to hear what she has to say next week. Since we had the house all nice and neat we decided to put a for sale sign in the yard and an Open House sign in the yard and some around the neighborhood for today. The open house is from 9:00 am until noon. A LONG TIME since no one has stopped yet and it is 10:15. I know...I am somewhat impatient. It was interesting last night though, because after we put the signs up we saw a car drive by the house REALLY slowly and the people in the car were looking at the maybe it will help. More waiting. :) My life is just a waiting game I guess.

Gotta go get ready for my class today at 1:00. I am so excited because I am teaching my first Cricut Design Studio class and I can't wait to show everyone in the class how the program works.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bad news, good news, and all there inbetween

So I heard back today from my Eau Claire interview and of course...the usual, bad news. The principal offered the job to someone else. BUMMER! But on a better note, I had another interview this morning in Chippewa Falls - my favorite district to work in!! This job is a very small position only being two classes per day in the middle of the day so that kindof stinks but I would take it in a heart beat if they offered it to me. No hopes up this time!!! This was my third interview in Chippewa in the past few years so I don't have my hopes too high. I will just wait til early next week to find out that I didn't get the biggie at this point. I have a terrible attitude right now and I am sorry for that but when you have worked at a school three different times and the lady that currently works there says only good things about you, why do they choose someone else... Enough about that...onto teacher gifts.

Today was Jaidyn's last day at daycare with Krissy! Krissy was so sad to see Jaidyn go as she is the only girl at daycare. Jaidyn is leaving so I don't have to pay so much for daycare this summer for Noah and Jaidyn. They will be going to my friend Lisa's house to play with her little guy, Tiege. That should be tons of fun. Since Jaidyn's last day was today I decided to make Kris a bye bye gift. I decorated a Close To My Heart My Creations Cube. She absolutely loved it!

I decorated the cube really simple so Kris would have room to put larger photos on it. She doesn't get much time to create things or scrapbook so this was great for her!