Friday, June 12, 2009

I finally got a job!

So this is just a really quick update for all of you that have not heard from me lately. I have been busy with the house, finally got it for sale...only a sign in the yard though. I had been waiting to hear from Parkview Elementary school in Chippewa Falls for a week and thought for sure he had offered the parttime job to someone else since it had been so long since I had interviewed. Well he called me on Wednesday and left me a message and then he called back on Thursday to offer me the job. It was kindof a weird day because before he offered me the job Chippewa Falls high school had called me and asked for an interview for their parttime position that they have open. I am hoping that the two work out together and I could get the high school job too just so I can be more involved. The job I have been offered is only two hours a day but it still GREAT because it is a permanent position and if more time opens up for the following year most likely I can get it. I am glad that I got this small job so far!

Gotta go lay down...I have a terrible sinus headache and I am stuffed up and runny nosed. My head and face I hate allergies!

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We Shall Celebrate (how's Sunday?)