Saturday, July 26, 2008

new blog background

I came across this website today as I was blog surfing and thought it was time to dress up my blog. I have wanted to create my own blog header but just have not had time lately as summer has been so busy. I think this background will do for awhile and I will see what I can come up with in my header designing.

Dell Inspiron

Alright!!! So a Dell it is. I was so excited when I called Best Buy on Thursday after work to find out that I could indeed go in and pick out a NEW COMPUTER. It is somewhat strange however that I am the one that called them yet again to find out the details on the computer. Maybe it is because I was just always one step ahead of them and waiting waiting waiting for updates. So Nate and I went to Best Buy last night to pick something out and instead of explaining the entire story here (and they are never pleasant experiences!!!) I will just spare the details and say that 2 hours later I had finally picked out somthing that I was happy with. I really wanted to get the RED Gateway but I could tell that Nate wanted me to get the Dell. And it was someone stupid to choose the RED Gateway over the Dell because the Dell has double the hard drive. This computer is a ton better than the one it is replacing but that is the good thing for everything I have had to go through with the last one. Now I will hopefully be able to update on a more regular basis here!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today I am still waiting to hear back from Best Buy on my computer. As of Tuesday night they had no updates and they guy that I talked to on the phone seemed to not be telling me everything as he had to put me on hold for awhile to "figure things out." I think I actually knew more than he did! Anyways...I have to call there again today and I also called Regis yesterday as I am still waiting to hear on the job...the one that I REALLY WANT!!!!! So I called there on Wednesday morning which was a week after my interview but I could not get ahold of anyone. I cannot believe that no one was around but I guess it is summer. So I am going to try again this morning to see if I can reach anyone. I am getting excited about Friday as well! I am making yet another trip to Archivers for a Clear Cards class this time. I will have to post photos of my clear acrylic album that I made there two weeks ago...I just have to get my computer back so I can get the photos printed that I need for the album. So once I get back with the cards I will post those too. So lets hope for a good update tonight when I get home from work or from my card class at the store tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed!! update to come :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hectic lives we all live...

So today starts my BUSY week of Noah going to the eye doctor and dentist before Kindergarten starts. I just hope he cooperates. Life has been a little frustrating lately as I usually spend numerous hours a week sitting at my computer searching for fun things and surfing through blog upon blog. Well the past four weeks have not been so exciting on that end. My computer had to be sent in yet again to Gateway as it was not charging again. I had also been dealing with the issue for at least a month prior to taking it in. So I took it in, it was shipped out, three weeks later still no word. Finally I got ahold of a NICE guy for once at the GeekSquad and he told me it would be in the next day. So I went to pick it up and took it home to see that it was not working properly again. I wanted to SCREAM!!! I took it back in that same day and they sent it out AGAIN! I am so frustrated with this...I cannot believe they haven't already replaced the computer. This is the fourth time it has been sent in so the guy said that most 99% of the time they will just replace the entire computer for me. I am eagerly waiting a good news call this week!! I HOPE!

In other news, I am waiting to hear back from yet another interview from last week. I was a little bummed about the idea of working at Regis here in Eau Claire but as of last Wednesday morning (when I had my interview) I have been super excited about it. I am just waiting for the call - hopefully a good one this time and not another one of those disappointing calls like I have already had four of this summer. It is so discouraging when they call you and said that they have offered the job to someone else. I would REALLY REALLY like this job at Regis. It would be a lot of work but I already have the middle school stuff all repared and would be set with that. The high school aspect it what I would have to prepare. I don't know how many times I have told my husband in the past few days how bad I want this job! The great thing about Regis is that Jaidyn would be able to go to work with me and stay at the Daycare center there. That would be perfect because we have not started looking for anything for her yet. That is usually a long drawn-out process! Scary for my baby!! I am also so excited yet scared to think that at some point I will have to quit at the Scrapbook Store. That thought scares me as I have worked there for awhile and totally love it.

Since I have been rambling on and on about my silly personal issues, here is a frame that I created last night for a Close To My Heart meeting that I am attending this week. I am teaching the creative training and was asked to show everyone how I make my frames. They are so fun and easy! I used all CTMH products on this frame.

And I have to make another trip to Michael's today as I noticed last night that I only have one frame left. These frames are very cheap as well - you can't beat $1.00!

Today I also have to work on a swap that I am doing for the CTMH meeting as well. It is a 12 x 12 layout from the Reflections book that CTMH sells. I am kindof struggling with it but I just have to sit and DO IT so I don't end up waiting until 8:00 Tuesday night trying to create 7 of them! I will try to post a photo of the layout when it gets done...tonight I hope! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

We grow up so fast...

I cannot believe that a year has already passed since I had baby Jaidyn. Today is her Birthday!! It is so much fun sitting around the house with her today watching her grow. I love spending Mondays and Fridays with her to see all of her little quirks. She is getting so big and jabbering up a storm. I am sad that I cannot post pictures because my computer is at Best Buy AGAIN as it is not working properly again. I now have to use the old reliable Toshiba but it will not read my memory stick from my camera for some reason. I will post photos as soon as Best Buy gets my computer back to me. I have not even gotten the chance to look at the photos from Jaidyn's party up close yet as I can only see them on the camera. Be Back Soon with photos I hope!