Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dell Inspiron

Alright!!! So a Dell it is. I was so excited when I called Best Buy on Thursday after work to find out that I could indeed go in and pick out a NEW COMPUTER. It is somewhat strange however that I am the one that called them yet again to find out the details on the computer. Maybe it is because I was just always one step ahead of them and waiting waiting waiting for updates. So Nate and I went to Best Buy last night to pick something out and instead of explaining the entire story here (and they are never pleasant experiences!!!) I will just spare the details and say that 2 hours later I had finally picked out somthing that I was happy with. I really wanted to get the RED Gateway but I could tell that Nate wanted me to get the Dell. And it was someone stupid to choose the RED Gateway over the Dell because the Dell has double the hard drive. This computer is a ton better than the one it is replacing but that is the good thing for everything I have had to go through with the last one. Now I will hopefully be able to update on a more regular basis here!!

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