Monday, July 7, 2008

We grow up so fast...

I cannot believe that a year has already passed since I had baby Jaidyn. Today is her Birthday!! It is so much fun sitting around the house with her today watching her grow. I love spending Mondays and Fridays with her to see all of her little quirks. She is getting so big and jabbering up a storm. I am sad that I cannot post pictures because my computer is at Best Buy AGAIN as it is not working properly again. I now have to use the old reliable Toshiba but it will not read my memory stick from my camera for some reason. I will post photos as soon as Best Buy gets my computer back to me. I have not even gotten the chance to look at the photos from Jaidyn's party up close yet as I can only see them on the camera. Be Back Soon with photos I hope!


Down Memory Lane said...

Happy 1st Birthday Jaidyn!!!
I can't wait to see pictures of
your first Birthday party!


Becca said...

Hey Stacie
yes, moving again, can you believe it? i am visiting my family in MN in August and I'm coming to Eau Claire sometime in there, i'll stop by the store and update you all. as usual, it's not a quick and easy answer :)