Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am now a Certified FISKARS Demonstrator!

Today I went to St. Paul to The Scrapbook Shop and became certified. I can now give demonstrations of Fiskars tools. It was so much fun to meet one of the Lead Fiskateers, May Flaum and to spend two hours learning about many of the Fiskars tools. This is she is talking of course, but still a shot of her.

I already made a list of a few tools that I just have to add to my scrapbook stash. And of course, since I was in St. Paul, I had to stop at Archiver's and I managed to pick up a Stamp Press which I am excited to try out with some of my stamps. I used it today and it was so handy. I will have to post photos of the stamp press incase you are unsure of what it is and them of something that I create with it. I can't wait to get creative!! Last night, when getting some things ready to go to St. Paul today, I decided to decorate a tin and notepad to take along today. I used my favorite Salsa Line of Junkitz paper that I bought over a year ago but had never used. I always thought the papers were so much fun but had NO idea what I was going to use them for. Well last night I found the perfect project. My tin is so bright and fun!! I just love that I can take this tin with me and always have a notepad and a pen right inside.

Here is the front with my name on it so no one else mistakes it for their own. :)

Here is the inside...there is actually a pocket on the inside of the cover to hold little notes as well.

I also created a Post-It Coaster hanger out of the Junitz Salsa line as well. I used the dot paper and then stamped in the bottom right corner of each sticky note in the pad. I did also decorate the binder clip that holds the Post-Its on as well. (sorry this photo is a little dark!)

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