Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today I am still waiting to hear back from Best Buy on my computer. As of Tuesday night they had no updates and they guy that I talked to on the phone seemed to not be telling me everything as he had to put me on hold for awhile to "figure things out." I think I actually knew more than he did! Anyways...I have to call there again today and I also called Regis yesterday as I am still waiting to hear on the job...the one that I REALLY WANT!!!!! So I called there on Wednesday morning which was a week after my interview but I could not get ahold of anyone. I cannot believe that no one was around but I guess it is summer. So I am going to try again this morning to see if I can reach anyone. I am getting excited about Friday as well! I am making yet another trip to Archivers for a Clear Cards class this time. I will have to post photos of my clear acrylic album that I made there two weeks ago...I just have to get my computer back so I can get the photos printed that I need for the album. So once I get back with the cards I will post those too. So lets hope for a good update tonight when I get home from work or from my card class at the store tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed!! update to come :)

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