Wednesday, June 3, 2009

bad news, good news, and all there inbetween

So I heard back today from my Eau Claire interview and of course...the usual, bad news. The principal offered the job to someone else. BUMMER! But on a better note, I had another interview this morning in Chippewa Falls - my favorite district to work in!! This job is a very small position only being two classes per day in the middle of the day so that kindof stinks but I would take it in a heart beat if they offered it to me. No hopes up this time!!! This was my third interview in Chippewa in the past few years so I don't have my hopes too high. I will just wait til early next week to find out that I didn't get the biggie at this point. I have a terrible attitude right now and I am sorry for that but when you have worked at a school three different times and the lady that currently works there says only good things about you, why do they choose someone else... Enough about that...onto teacher gifts.

Today was Jaidyn's last day at daycare with Krissy! Krissy was so sad to see Jaidyn go as she is the only girl at daycare. Jaidyn is leaving so I don't have to pay so much for daycare this summer for Noah and Jaidyn. They will be going to my friend Lisa's house to play with her little guy, Tiege. That should be tons of fun. Since Jaidyn's last day was today I decided to make Kris a bye bye gift. I decorated a Close To My Heart My Creations Cube. She absolutely loved it!

I decorated the cube really simple so Kris would have room to put larger photos on it. She doesn't get much time to create things or scrapbook so this was great for her!

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