Friday, May 29, 2009

waiting, waiting, and more waiting

Today was a LONG started by getting up at 4:40AM to get ready for my interview. I felt well prepared by 6:30 when I left the house. I feel that the interview went well and the other Art Teach at South sat in on the interview and she felt it went well too! I am so excited and can't wait until Wednesday when I should find out if I got the job. Chippewa Falls also called me this afternoon to set up an interview for Wednesday morning at 8:00 am...I certainly have something with early interviews!! I am hoping to hear back from South before Wednesday morning so I know if I got the Eau Claire job so I don't have to go through the Chippewa Falls interview if I got the Eau Claire job. The Chippewa Falls interview is only for the elementary position which is a very small position and would most likely be paired with the high school opening as well. So I am hoping for the Eau Claire job since it is a full-time position!!

It is so hard to wait! But I will certainly keep everyone posted!

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