Wednesday, May 13, 2009

more and more job applications...

So as many of you already know, I have been applying all over to find a teaching job for next year. I am super excited about next year as there are openings all around me even though some of the districts are not doing so well. There are openings in Fall Creek, Chippewa Falls, and of favorite place, South Middle School. I am so excited with the experience that I have had in Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire to have these openings come up but now is the long wait and then interviews - if I am so lucky to get one - and then the waiting game again. The Eau Claire application is already in, now onto the Fall Creek application which is due this Friday...yes is TWO days. Time always seems to fly by when filling out applications and it comes right down to the end to get them in. Yuck, I hate that! Then once I get the Fall Creek application and letter done TONIGHT, in the next couple days I will be moving on to the Chippewa Falls application which I have filled out twice before so nothing new there!! :) I know that all of my fans at Down Memory Lane and Joanne will miss me there but I cannot wait to get a job. Keep praying for me to earn my place with a classroom of MY OWN for next year! I will certainly keep everyone posted. Now back to this application!...bummer...would much rather be scrappin!

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