Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh So Much to Share...

I am going to make this short once again as I have lots that I should be doing right now. I just got home from getting my hair cut for my interview on Friday!!! I am so excited for the I just have to land the job. It is here in Eau Claire at South Middle School, where I have taught numerous times. The catch this year though is there is a new principal. So by this time next week I should know if I got the job. Now I have lots to do before 7:00 AM Friday morning...and yes, I did just say 7:00 AM. When the principal asked when I could make it on Friday I left it up to him. HE chose 7:00 AM! I am used to getting up at 7:30 so this may be a challenge. :)
Now moving onto the next subject of this post is my Sunday Close To My Heart Club. We are meeting on Sunday, June 28th from 1:00-3:00. The cost is $5.00 to be paid in advance to me or dropped off at Down Memory Lane. Below is a photo of the three circle cards that we will be creating this month!
Stay tuned for more information on the job situation early next week if not before!!

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