Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been somewhat busy lately and have not had much time to blog. The next couple weeks shall be the same way as I am teaching in Chippewa Falls again until March 11th. I do have next week off and will be back working at Down Memory Lane for my normal three days. Life has been hectic with things that come up and going out of town last weekend. We are also thinking about selling our house and plan to get things started on that end. WOW so much to do...never thought it would all happen at once! I am actually just waiting for the clock to hit 3:15 so I can head home and pick up my little cuttlebug, Jaidyn. I miss her so much when I leave early and am gone all day. I also heard that Noah misses me today as well...I called Nathan (who does not work on Mondays) and he told me that Noah mentioned missing me earier today. It is strange that Eau Claire schools are closed today for President's day but Chippewa Falls has school. So I work and he to chut everything up for the night and off to pack up some things to take out of our house. Know of anyone that wants to buy a nice 4 bedroom house...PLEASE let me know!! :)

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