Sunday, December 7, 2008

snowy days...

So today I look outside and am not ready to venture out anytime soon. IT IS SNOWING!!! Well I was already outside early this morning to run to Target. I hate having to run to the pharmacy and I needed the prescription TODAY! I decided to choose Target over Walgreens when my prescription was super expensive and realized that Walgreens is not the place to go unless you absolutely have to. So now I have my stuff at Target and not going to their pharmacy before, we showed up at 6:10 pm yesterday which was Saturday to find out that the pharmacy closes at 6:00 pm. So we had to run out again this morning just because I needed it today. Yuck!! I hate it when things happen like that. So we drug the whole family out this morning in the freezing cold because Nathan decided that we should go grocery shopping too. Well we were back by 10:30 so we didn't waste too much of our day.

I love the makes it look so pretty outside and I want to go out and play in it with the kids. But today I think I will stay inside and try to clean up my scrapbook room. Last night I sat on the couch and went through all 600 photos that I just got in the mail yesterday. YES, I said 600! I am all ready for the crop that I am attending on Dec. 13th. I got the photos back and I also ordered my new ATG adhesive gun yesterday with plenty of adhesive to last awhile! Now I have to go begin getting things ready because I want to be organized this time when I go. I also want to take a picture of my awesome purchase from Friday afternoon! OGM you won't believe it. Fiskars in Wausau had a huge warehouse sale and I got a TON of stuff...and I mean a ton for really cheap! I will try to take a photo of everything that post later!!

Gotta go get some crafty stuff done!!

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