Sunday, September 21, 2008

my latest project

Ok well I guess at this point I will have to leave this photo on its side since I have no idea why I have uploaded it three times and it comes up this way each time. Frustrations set in since I have better things to do than sit here to try to figure out why when a photo is horizontal before uploading why it comes up vertical. CRAZY!! So here is a layout I did with the sketch from a class I did awhile back online but never got around to doing the layouts and it was also the same layout that Down Memory Lane had for their Challenge this month. I did take my layout into the store but of course since I am still employed there, I could not have mine in the competition. It is on display in the store by the cute Crate Papers that I used in my layout.

I thought I would give you a little close-up shot of the butterflies on the layout. I actually cut four butterflies out of the backgroud paper before assembling the layout. I planned everything out so I could cut out the butterflies yet cover up that area with some of the strips of paper that I added to the page. It was super easy and then I didn't have to search for embellishments to go with the theme. I also bent up their wings a bit and then put some foam pop-up dots under them so they would stand out.

Onto other things in life...

So I have been busy teaching those lovely elementary school students and of course I knew it would happen, I got sick. I got a nasty sore throat for 24 hours which soon turned into a head cold with painful sinus troubles. And as we all know as parents that sometimes when we are sick we don't get any time to rest or time to ourselves. On Thursday night Nathan had to work late and I was stuck watching Jaidyn. This was when I was at my sickest point...if that is a word. Noah went to his mom's house this weekend so I thought for sure that Nathan and I could get a babysitter on Saturday and we could go golfing or to a movie or something. Well that did not happen as Friday night Jaidyn did not sleep more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time. I seriously saw the clock once an hour all night long. That was totally draining and we all felt yucky. Nathan is still not used to the coolers at work now that he delivers for General Beer and I was already sick. So with daddy have 101 temperature, mommy sneezy and coughing, now Jaidyn has a terrible runny nose and won't sleep. We kept waking up to her screaming. We slept on the couch, we stood by her crib, we rubbed her back...nothing seemed to work. We did finally run to Wallgreens and get her some Benadryl so her nose isn't so runny and that has helped. Now daddy is doing ok, mommy still feels yucky and Jaidyn is also doing ok. She is finally sleeping better but is exhausted from lack of sleep. She did finally take a 2 hour nap earlier today... THANK GOODNESS!

Here is my little, rednosed, sweetheart posing for the camera this morning. As I went to get the camera from the kitchen to upload a picture of the layout that I had created she stook in the doorway giggling and smiling for me to take her photo. She learned how to do this at Grandma's house when she was standing on one of Noah's toys that she knew she should not have been. She has a nasty red nose from all of the wiping and runny nose.


Michelle McGee said...

Stacie... nice blog! I like the smaller format because of the cool stuff you have on the sides!

Your daughter is adorable!

What grade do you teach?


Kayce said...

Hey Stacy!

Congrats on winning the class over on the Big Picture Scrapbooking blog! Be sure to email us so we can get you into the class you won!

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