Monday, September 8, 2008

Jaidyn is getting big!

Well all is pretty good here. I know I have not taken much time lately to post because I have started teaching in Chippewa Falls until November. Last week I was exhausted to the point of sleeping at 7:00 p.m. I was at least able to get back up at 10:00 p.m. to go to bed. I just could not believe how hard it was for me to stay awake last week. But the first week of school is done and things are getting better. The kids are LOUD and cannot sit and listen but at the end of the day things are still ok. That tells me that teaching is still a good job for me! School must have taken a toll on Noah last week as well. Noah missed school today (his fourth day of Kindergarten) because he had a fever. Of course he went to his mom's house last weekend and got sick there. He is doing just fine now and will be going back to school tomorrow. He says he loves school - which is great!!!! He always is glad to see me when I pick him up each day. I can tell that a whole day of school gets long and tiring for the little guy.

Well since Jaidyn was 14 months on Sunday, I finally decided to take her to get her one year pictures done. She did good but it is hard to get a 14 month old to cooperate!!! She was standing on a table and the lady expected her to stand there and not fall RIIIGHT! Jaidyn did fine. Here are a few pics of the cute little tyke....

Jaidyn is doing well and getting herself into plenty of trouble. I stopped into Down Memory Lane a couple weeks ago and she got into so many things. It is nothing like before when I could take her into a store and she would sit on the floor. Now she is RUNNING around, literally, and touching everything. She loves the garbage the most at home and loves to open and close everything. I think she enjoys driving daddy and mommy crazy. When the two of us are home together, she gets into everything but when she in home with just mommy or just daddy she plays just fine. It is the craziest thing!! She is so precious and so much fun to play with. I really miss playing with her on my days off since I now have none for awhile. But all is good and Thursday I have my first class to teach at Down Memory Lane since I started teaching and someone excited about getting back to that. It shall be fun!
Long Days and Short Nights are all I see now...

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