Monday, August 11, 2008

Why is it that good days often times don't end good...

So the weekend started out someone poorly when Noah's mom called and said she would not be taking Noah AGAIN. It will be 6 weeks again since she has seen him since she did not take him the last time he was suppose to go. Might I add, he has been without shoes for 6 weeks as well since the shoes that she had bought him were "lost" at her house and he came home with flip flops on. Now you tell me how lovely it is for a 5 year old to be wearing flip flops for 6 weeks straight. So you might say..."why don't you go buy him some new shoes..." Well we figured that he would have been back to her house two weeks after he had come home with the flip flops. So we decided since Noah cried for 30 minutes straight about not getting to go to his mom's house that we would take him to McDonalds to play. That went well! Then we decided that Saturday would be a good day to take off for a trip to the Zoo. Saturday morning came and yes, we did decide to take a little trip and off we went. But of course one thing had to cramp out day...Noah had no shoes. So off to Shopko we were just so he could have shoes to go to the Zoo. Got the shoes and we were off. So I have not been to the Como Zoo since I was little and when we got there I had never seen so many people and so many cars. We ended up parking down some residential street and walking a ways but we finally got there. We had a good time seeing all of the nice animals...I will have to post some of my giraffe photos. He was an interesting creature!! So we were at the Zoo for about two hours and Jaidyn seemed fine. I did notice that she was getting a little warm and gave her some tylenol, figuring it was her teeth. So off we were to the car at the end of our Zoo excursion.

We then decided since we were in St. Paul that we might just as well make a trip to the Mall of American since Noah had never been there. So we drove over there so we could take Noah to the Build a Bear Workshop. Basically the mall was a good time but I noticed that Jaidyn was acting kind of quiet but we thought she was tired as she had not gotten her afternoon nap. So after the Build A Bear and both kids getting an animal, we went to a few more stores, including Archivers and then were on our way home.

On the way home we stopped in Hudson to eat some dinner and boy was that an experience!!! At this point Jaidyn was acting normal, being her silly self and eating and drinking fine so we thought it was ok to stop to eat. Before our food came we noticed that Jaidyn needed a diaper change...and boy did she ever. Nate took her outside to change her in the van and ended up calling me on my cell phone telling me to get outside right away because she was dirty all over and he had no diapers left. So the spectacular mother that I am, left Noah inside and ran out to help Nathan. Jaidyn is standing outside scared to death, naked, and bawling. Nathan is trying not to get sick and clean her up. Once we finally got her cleaned up, I had to take her inside with a onsie half on and a blanket wrapped around her bottom. At this point Noah was already chowing down on his Mac N Cheese and our food was cold. So needless to say, when Nathan got back with diapers we didn't have much for appetites but ate as much as we could. On our way home Jaidyn slept but we could see that she was a little uncomfortable and was lay her head funny and tilting her head really far back in her carseat as she slept. As we were nearing Eau Claire she kept waking up crying and you could tell she was in pain and when I tried to take her out of her carseat at home she cried as it hurt when I moved her. So we got her inside and she had a temp. of 104. Nate started to freak out and we got her in the tub, which actually did nothing for her temp. I called my parents...and by this time it is 9:00 p.m so she could see if my brother was around to watch Noah for the night incase we decided to take Noah to the Emergency Room. Well that didnt last long and Nate said we had to take her in. So at 9:15 we were on our way with Noah in his PJ's. When we got there the nurse said that Jaidyn did not have a fever which made Nate mad. As we got her into a room and was getting checked out her fever rose again to 102. She got checked out by the doctor who said she looked fine. She was definately not herself though. She layed on the hospital bed and didnt even try to get up. She was definately exhausted. So we sat in the ER until midnight when they finally released her. She did have a bad urine test so they thought she had a urinary tract infection and sent us to Walgreens to get a perscription filled. They then took another urine sample so they could test it again to see if it was the same. On Sunday the test had come back negative and so is apparently fine. But she still had her temp. throughout Sunday but the doctor said it must be something viral. That was so scary when we were rushing her to the emergency room. I just wanted to hold her tight and not let her go. Now that Monday is here and we got to rest up on Sunday, I hope the week starts off better.

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