Friday, August 15, 2008

Surprises are always fun!!

So as many of you know, I am a Certified Fiskars Demonstrator and have recently joined a Yahoo group that was just created for our group. Well I am a member of about 4 different Yahoo groups so I get many e-mails daily from the groups letting me know everything that has gone through the group and it gets somewhat boring but I usually browse through them. Well the last two for the CFD group I had not looked at because the group is just starting and the posts are always the same "Hello" messages. For some reason this morning when I did my e-mail check, I decided to look at yesterday's e-mail. As I browsed down through the e-mail all of the sudden it mentioned a surprise prize give-away and it said it was going out the some random new additions to the group and as I read I thought I had to go somewhere to sign up for this prize but as I clicked the mouse one last time I saw the first three winners and MY NAME WAS ON THE LIST!!! It said Stacie S. from Eau Clair, I love how people always spell Eau Claire incorrectly! But at any rate...I am going to be getting a surprise package from Fiskars and I am so excited. I will be watching my doorstep everyday for my prize!! I will have to post more when I get it.

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