Thursday, April 9, 2009

trying to get something done...

So I have been trying to get stuff done but it hasn't been working so well. I was already dealing with being tired all the time and then having Vertigo, I am on a motion sickness medication which causes drowsiness....just what I need!! No, not really!

Anyways, I am trying to not think about the dizziness and get something done. As many of you know, I am an Art Teacher as well as working at Down Memory Lane. I am currently applying for Art positions for next year and am totally excited to hear back from schools. My application was already due in Elmwood, WI and I still have a couple to send out to Cornell, Independence, and Gilman. I have my fingers crossed because it certainly is time for a teaching job!!

Also, I am get anxious about selling our house. We were doing so well with getting it all ready to put on the market and then I got sick. Now two houses down the street have sold and makes me want to get that For Sale sign in the yard RIGHT NOW!!! We also have to wait to see if I get a teaching job since that would most likely force us to move somewhere other than Eau Claire so we can't sell too soon but I think now is the time with the first time homebuyers deal out there right now.

I am also super excited about tomorrow as I am getting my hair cut. A new hairstyle is somewhat exciting although I am a bit scared. I will have to update tomorrow when I get home!

Gotta get to bed...feeling drowsy!

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